Emotional wellbeing during pregnancy and after birth

It is normal to sometimes feel down and more anxious when you are pregnant or as a new mother, but if you find you are feeling low more than you are feeling happy or are overly anxious, you need to talk with someone.

The most common emotional wellbeing (mental health) problems in pregnancy are low mood (depression) and anxiety.

How Do I Feel?

How you might behave:

Antenatal depression can be caused by a hormone imbalance during pregnancy. Other factors that can contribute to antenatal depression are pregnancy sickness; tiredness; anxieties over how you will cope with motherhood; economic and relationship concerns...

It is normal to feel very tired in the months following your baby's birth.

'Baby blues' is a short period of feeling low, anxious and irritable. You might find you experience mood swings and overreact to things or burst into tears for no apparent reason...

Postnatal Depression

One indicator that you are going through postnatal depression is if you find it hard to sleep, even when you have the opportunity to rest. Why does postnatal depression begin?...

Each of these events can add stress to your life. If you experience any of these as well as having a baby it can increase your risk of postnatal depression. However, the increased risk still does not mean that you will definitely develop postnatal depression...

Information sheet on Past Depression

Will my baby be taken away from me?

Often women are reluctant to share concerns about how they are feeling or if they are experiencing distressing thoughts, as they worry that this could be perceived that they are a 'bad mother' or 'unable to cope'. In particular, some women fear that if they ...

Being prepared can make a big difference:
You may feel guilty at feeling low at a time when everyone expects you to be happy. Antenatal or Postnatal depression is not your fault.

Health professionals will never judge or criticise you for having these feelings. They know this happens to many pregnant and new mums and they can help you find the best way to get treatment so you can start to feel better.

I Have Already Got A Mental Health Diagnosis