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Depression and Anxiety affect 12-13% of women during pregnancy

Antenatal depression can be caused by a hormone imbalance during pregnancy. Other factors that can contribute to antenatal depression are pregnancy sickness; tiredness; anxieties over how you will cope with motherhood; economic and relationship concerns.

Although antenatal depression is more likely to occur among women who have a history of depression, it does not mean you will definitely have antenatal or postnatal depression.

If you are a new parent, some of these experiences are common such as; lack of concentration; disturbed sleep and lack of interest in sex. However, if you are concerned you might have antenatal or postnatal depression please discuss these with your midwife or GP.

This wellbeing plan developed by Boots Family Trust Alliance is a positive way that you can understand and support your thoughts, feelings and behaviours: My pregnancy and post-birth wellbeing plan

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