New fathers and partners

For new fathers and partners adjusting to your life with your partner and new baby can be hard. It can be even more emotionally difficult if your partner is suffering with postnatal depression. You will both be getting less sleep and have to adjust to the demands of being new parents.

Supporting your partner through their emotional journey can be difficult. Your emotional wellbeing can be affected too, leading to depression, during the postnatal period too. Depression during this period is similar to depression at any other time of an adult's life and can be treated in the same way.

Research has shown that between 1 and 4 % of men experience depression during the first year after the birth of their child.

Some partners may experience Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms following the birth of their baby. Witnessing the distress and pain their partner or wife has experienced can lead to feelings of helplessness and re-living the images and feelings of the birth.

If you feel you are feeling emotionally unwell or if you feel the birth experience has affected you personally seek the support and guidance from your GP. Also, consider looking at the self-help sections of this website.