Postnatal Depression

One indicator that you are going through postnatal depression is if you find it hard to sleep, even when you have the opportunity to rest.

Why does postnatal depression begin?

Some research has shown that a combination of different issues can cause postnatal depression and it appeared that there was no one cause.

Other research has shown that maybe hormone levels during pregnancy and after birth might have triggered changes in mood, but as only some women go on to develop postnatal depression it is unlikely to be the only cause.

Postnatal depression can happen, whatever your family circumstance and it can happen after any birth.

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Signs to be aware of... In yourself, or a loved one, or a friend

It is important to tell someone as soon as possible if you, your partner or friend have any of these symptoms and it is best to get treated early. Women may be concerned about speaking out, but there are many places to access support and specialist teams to help to improve your emotional wellbeing and the symptoms you may be feeling.

Remember that looking after yourself is looking after your baby.

It's OK to tell

It's OK to tell...