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Self Help


Self care

Talking to someone you trust and who will listen to you

Talk to someone you trust about what is making you anxious. You may find that they have encountered a similar problem and could talk you through it. It may be that just having someone to listen to and show you they care is help in itself.

Complete a wellbeing plan

This link takes you to a wellbeing plan that could help you realise that you need to talk with someone to support you at this time.
Wellbeing plan - NICE & RCGP.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises may help you to manage anxiety and feel calmer.

Listening to music

Music can help to make you calmer and relax your body and mind.

Physical exercise

Physical exercise can help you manage anxiety and panic attacks and help you put everyday stresses into perspective.

Keeping a diary

Keep a note of what happens each time you get anxious or have a panic attack. This will help you spot patterns and triggers and help you find way to deal with these situations in the future.

Eating healthily and keeping well hydrated

Evidence suggests that good nutrition and hydration is essential for our mental health. Try to avoid stimulates such as coffee, cigarettes and alcohol as you may find it easier to relax. Keeping well hydrated will not cure stresses, but it has been shown to stop any unnecessary panic due to dehydration. Water is best, but herbal tea and diluted squash can be good sources of hydration.

Distracting techniques

Try to shift your focus and distract yourself from the anxiety you are feeling. Find something that really distract you, the colours, smells or sounds so you can use this again.

Reassurance techniques

Telling yourself that the symptoms you are experiencing are actually caused by anxiety may help. Tell yourself it is not really dangerous and the feelings will pass. You may find this helps you feel calmer and less fearful of future attacks.

Complementary therapies

You could try Yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, herbal treatments and hypnotherapy to see if they work to relax your mind and body. You may find you relax, sleep better and manage your symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks.

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